Vote for Jimin 'Closer Than This' on Music Core - (guide)

Jimin 'Closer Than This' is nominated on this week's Music Core Pre-Voting! 
Voting is on Mubeat app!!

Download Mubeat App now and start collecting beats!! 

Drop your VOTES HERE!!

Voting Ends: Jan 11 , 11 AM KST

Don't Trust the gap cast your votes with your all accounts!! & Keep collecting beats our opponent's seems like to make sudden attacking nowadays, don't be complacent, that's their new tactics.

Don't drop all beats
 Save at least 150 beats for the live voting!!

We need to win both voting!

How to collect Beats

Collect beats from store on mubeat app

Complete your 15 video ads and get 45 beatsπŸ’—

Complete mission and get beatsπŸ’—

Complete quizzes to get beatsπŸ’—

Create as many accounts as possible!!

You can create multiple accounts on one device

You can collect 45 beats/day from one account

let's win this !!

Vote for BTS 'Spring Day' on Music Bank on Mubeat app!!

vote here πŸ”—

Voting Ends: 10 Jan, 11am kst

let’s do our best !!!

Inform other ARMYs to join the voting

Don't forget to stream in all platforms without streaming, voting alone can't help much on winning. Voting is the final booster what's come first is streaming !!!
Streams are so important for charts.

Keep Streaming BTS group and Members solo songs on All platforms

Get ready for more Voting apps 


➝ Mubeat

➝ Idolchamp

➝ Mnet plus

➝ Superstar x


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