Keep Streaming "HOPE ON THE STREET" in all platform (Guide)


J-hope 'HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1' has been released in all platforms!!

Keep Streaming buying "HOTS"!! there's another album released by the western artist we have to push harder!!

Apple Music


J-hope 'NEURON (with Gaeko, yoonmirae)' Official Motion Picture

Keep buying using ALL available accounts US/PR ARMY‼️ And don't forget to BUY EACH TRACK SEPARATELY

Utilize all available iTunes accounts. Let's take all tracks to the top of the chart

DO NOT buy the if you're not in the US! Your sales will NEVER count for anything.

Those who are in the US, did u know weverse USA counts for billboard, but global does not? cancel the one from global and reorder from Weverse USA

Those who can't buy, spread the info so that other's can buy!!

ARMY! Let's help US/PR ARMY as they push for sales and US streams by streaming harder in our countries too. Let's work together for JHOPE please lets don't stop streaming 🙏

Premium streaming can give us bb chart results we wish for 🔥🔥

Pls prepare to use all platform premium accts Apple Music,YouTube,Spotify,Amazon

Just a reminder that 50 views per version per account is counted for BB charts (Hot100, BB200, BB Global charts). MV, audio, visualizer, dance practice , etc are different versions.

Premium (paid) stream/views are weighted a LOT more than free streams/views for BB charts.

(you can also stream from free accounts but Premium is more better for highest count)

Make sure you have streamed HOTS from top to bottom x5 or x10 times, Use all your devices and accounts so all songs can chart better before moving to focused playlists‼️ but don’t click on loop button.

If you finish use this playlist!!! 


Global Goals for JHOPE’s special album “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1” & the title track “Neuron”! 

just remember we can surpass our goals and achieve more!! just do your best and SUPPORT

Let's go for JHOPE!!

Streaming platform guide


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