Live Voting has started Vote for FRI(END)S by V on MCountdown (guide)

 'FRI(END)S by V' won the Mcountdown pre-voteπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

 Live voting has started on M-Countdown vote for “FRI(END)S” by V on mnet

You can vote on both Mnet website/app


Account Creating guide

Do vote with your all accounts!!

it's time to cast votes with all accounts and give FRI(END)S, it's 1st WinπŸ†

Inform other ARMYs to join the live voting

let’s do our best !!!

Don't forget to stream in all platforms without streaming, voting alone can't help much on winning. Voting is the final booster what's come first is streaming !!!
Streams are so important for charts.

We don't have Broadcast or Physical points hence scoring full points in live voting is our strategy to grab first win for "FRI(END)S"!
Stream MV on YouTube for SNS points!!

V ‘FRI(END)S’ Official MV on YouTube

V ‘FRI(END)S’  on Spotify

V ‘FRI(END)S’  on Apple Music

V's "FRI(END)S" Official Teaser 1

V's "FRI(END)S" Official Teaser 2

'V' Focus SPOTIFY playlist

Streaming platform guide

Premium (paid) stream/views are weighted a LOT more than free streams/views for BB charts.

(you can also stream from free accounts but Premium is more better for highest count)

BTS x Member Solo

SPOTIFY playlist

» play the playlist → search any song to add → click the 3 dots to the right of the video → click ‘Add to queue’ → your playlist is turned into a queue

Keep Supporting, SHARE & SPREAD!!

Get ready for more Voting apps 


➝ Mubeat

➝ Idolchamp

➝ Mnet plus

➝ Superstar x

Don't forget to Vote for BTS & the Members in iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024 !!

BTS & members has been nominated for the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024!!

πŸ† Best Fan Army


πŸ† K-pop Artist of the Year


πŸ† K-pop Song of the Year

SEVEN (Ft. Latto)

πŸ† Best Music Video

SEVEN & 3D (VOTE FOR SEVEN! Don’t split the vote)

πŸ† Favorite On Screen


πŸ† Favorite Debut Album

GOLDEN & Layover

πŸ“…Voting Ends: March 25th
(March 26, 5pm KST)


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